The Spirituality of Science - DVD

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How Science Strengthens Faith in God

In The Spirituality of Science: How Science Strengthens Faith in God, groups will explore the beleaguered relationship between science and faith. They’ll learn how all Christians should be mindful and informed, rather than skeptical or even fearful, of science. 

If you believe the "new atheists"—Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and the like—science has proven that the idea of God is simply a delusion. Many Christians have responded to this movement by suggesting that science itself is somehow anti-faith and the century-old creation debate only underscores the divide. If what we believe about the world is reduced to the idea of "observable data," doesn’t that threaten the foundation of Christianity? 

In this Q Society Room study groups are challenged to think differently. Through exposure to several scientists, who also happen to be Christians, they will gain a new perspective on how science and faith can and should inform one another. 


Francis Collins: The Language of God (Q Talk)

Alister McGrath: Science and Faith at Odds (Q Short)
Catherine Crouch: What Every Christian Could Learn from a Scientist (Q Talk) 
Louie Giglio: Indescribable Wonder (Q Talk) 

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